A Long, Rich History of Service

A History of Faithful Ministry

The Servants of Mary (also known as the Servites), have a rich history beginning in 1845 with a young French woman by the name of Marie Guyot. Marie, along with a small group of dedicated women, began a school in Cuves, France, a small village east of Paris. Their mission was to educate the poor women in that area.

In the late 1840s this group of educators became a religious community known as the Sisters of Calvary. More women joined this small community and the school continued to grow, becoming a boarding school. Due to political unrest, in 1852 the Sisters moved to England where they served as missionaries, working with and teaching the very poor. The Sisters were impoverished and took in sewing and laundry to support the Community and their ministry. The Community continued to grow, and a strong foundation was established in London. The Community’s title changed, and they became known as the Sisters of Compassion. Throughout our history, we have had several names, all of which connect to the compassion of Mary.

It was in 1864 that the Sisters of Compassion joined the Servite Order, with whom they found a connection in both spirituality and mission, inspired by the compassion of Mary, the Mother of God. It was at this time that the Sisters made their final name change to the Congregation of the Servants of Mary of London/Cuves. This title honors our long history.

In 1871, the Servants of Mary expanded their missionary work to the United States. In 1892 the Sisters opened their first Motherhouse in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The Sisters continued to move westward at the invitation of bishops and priests in other dioceses. Led by their missionary spirit, the Sisters went on to establish foundations in Illinois and Iowa.

In 1918, the Servite Sisters came to staff schools in the newly established Holy Name Parish in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1925, the Sisters transferred their Motherhouse and Novitiate to Omaha, Nebraska in order to be more centrally located. As the community grew, the Sisters received numerous requests to staff schools and ministries across the US.

Because of continued growth, additional space was needed. In 1955, a new addition to the Motherhouse was built doubling the size of the Motherhouse. This expansion also included Marian High School, a school dedicated to educating young women in the Catholic faith, empowering them to discover and develop their talents, to inspire them to lead and serve as women of faith and compassion. The Servants of Mary continue to pass on our values, history and traditions through sponsorship of Marian High School.

The Congregation of the Servants of Mary London/Cuves has remained an international Congregation with Sisters now in eight countries:  France, the UK, Belgium, Austria, Canada, the US, Jamaica and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of these countries have lay Associate Programs. The Congregation is led by a Congregational Prioress, an Assistant and two councilors.

The Community in the United States is known as the US/Jamaica Community and includes Sisters and Associates in a variety of ministries. Our Sisters and Associates live and minister across the US as well as in Jamaica.

Servants of Mary Ministries

2021 – Celebrating 90 years of Servite Presence in Detroit, MI.

2020- Celebrated the 175th Anniversary of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary/London Cuves.

2018- Celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the Servants of Mary ministering in the United States

2016- Jamaica Community linked to USA Community

2010- GriefWork

2006- Renovations of the Motherhouse and Chapel, Omaha, Nebraska

2006- Servite Center of Compassion, Omaha, Nebraska

2001- Healing Garden Omaha, Nebraska

1996- Formation House SS Peter and Paul Convent, Omaha, Nebraska

1992- St. Peregrine Program

1988- Servants of Mary Associate Program

1987- St. Francis Assisi, Pikesville, Kentucky 

1986- Cathedral Grade School, Portland Oregon

1986- Northwest Catholic Counseling Center, Portland, Oregon

1984- St. Wenceslaus School, Omaha, Nebraska

1983- The Grotto- Santuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Portland Oregon

1983- Health Care established at the Motherhouse, Omaha, Nebraska

1980- Salpointe High School, St. Francis de Sales Parish, St. Joseph Hospital, Tuscon, Arizona

1980- Servite Renewal Center, Omaha, Nebraska

1976- Annuntiata, Chicago, Illinois

1975- Rosebud, South Dakota

1975- St. Anne’s, Lexington, Nebraska

1973- Lucea, West Indies

1973- Servite Appalachian Mission, Lexington, Kentucky

1970- Coon Rapids, Iowa

1970- House of Prayer, Brownsville, Texas

1970- St. Mary, Auburn, Iowa

1967- Our Lady of the Assumption, Fairview Heights, Illinois

1965- St. James (St. James/Seton School,) Omaha, Nebraska

1961- Holy Family High School, Massena, New York

1959- Servite Junior College, Omaha, Nebraska

1956- St. Pius X (St. Pius X/St. Leo,) Omaha, Nebraska

1955- Marian High School, Omaha, Nebraska

1954- Christ the King, Omaha, Nebraska

1951- Mt. Carmel High School, Denver, Colorado

1950- Heelen High School, Sioux City, Iowa

1949- Servite High School, Detroit, Michigan

1946- St. Benedict, Omaha, Nebraska

1943- St. Rose, Omaha, Nebraska

1941- St. Juliana, Detroit, Michigan

1931- Sacred Heart, Massena, New York

1931- St. John Berchman, Detroit, Michigan

1929- St. Mary, Massena, New York

1929- Cherokee Junior College, Cherokee, Iowa

1926- Mt. Carmel, Denver, Colorado

1922- Holy Ghost, Omaha, Nebraska

1920- Assumption, Denver, Colorado

1918- Holy Name High School, Omaha, Nebraska

1918- St. Patrick, Estherville, Iowa

1918- Holy Name, Omaha, Nebraska

1915- St. Joseph, Lohrville, Iowa

1915- St. Bridget, Pacific, Missiouri

1915- St. Mary, Mallard, Iowa

1913- St. Joseph, Anthon, Iowa

1912- Immaculate Conception, Sioux City, Iowa

1911- St. John, Gilmore City, Iowa

1909- Immaculate Conception, Cherokee, Iowa

1907- St. Joseph, Salix, Iowa

1902- Sacred Heart, E. St. Louis, Illinois

1902- St. Joseph, Ridgway, Illinois

1897- St. Mary’s Academy, Enfield, Illinois

1895- St. Patrick, Enfield, Illinois

1893- St. Matthew, Mount Vernon, Indiana

1892- St. Michael, St. Michael, Wisconsin

1871- Green Bay Diocese, Wisconsin

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