Today’s Associate Advent Reflection, December 23rd
December 23, 2021
Today’s Associate Advent Reflection, December 24th
December 24, 2021
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Circle of Support, A Christmas Thought


Christmas is about finding life where we did not expect life to be…Christmas brings us back to the crib of life to start over: aware of what has gone before, conscious that nothing lasts, but full of hope that this time, finally, we can learn what it takes to live well, grow to full stature of soul and spirit, get it right.


There is a child in each of us waiting to be born again…Christmas is for those who refuse to give up and grow old, for those to whom life comes newly and with purpose each and every day, for those who can let yesterday go to so that life can be full of new possibilities always, for those who are agitated with the newness whatever their age.                 Adapted from an article by Joan Chittister, OSB

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