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February 27, 2022
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March 4, 2022
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Circle of Support for World Peace

How can we pray for peace from half a world away?
How can words salve and soothe real wounds?
Assuage real fears, wipe tears from real eyes?
God of endless compassion, transform our prayers
from words into bridges, that span the distance between us,
uniting our hearts in yours.
Every time we turn our keys in a lock,
may we remember all who are losing their homes.
Every time we step into our cars,
may we remember all who are having to flee.
Every time we embrace our children,
may we remember all who are trying to shield theirs from
May our besieged sisters and brothers
Be drawn into the arms of the suffering Christ,
And may our cry be heard as one voice,
Ringing out from every corner of the earth:
God of endless mercy, grant us peace.
-Cameron Bellm
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